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Exclusive - NVIDIA Quadro® FX3800

Its been a long time in coming but the dawning of time is upon us.  Banging right out the starters gate today we have an exclusive look at new NVIDIA Quadro®  FX 3800.   This high-end, single slot solution brings the power of high performance professional graphics to an entirely new level; offering support for features previously only found on ultra-high end graphics cards. The NVIDIA Quadro® FX 3800 gives users the power and features to take their inspiration even further with certified application support for the industry’s top CAD/CAM, 3D Design, and Digital Content Creation software applications.

The NVIDIA Quadro
® professional graphics card is the mainstay bread and butter card from NVIDIA. This card  will be found in many workstations around the world now replacing the Quadro FX3700®.  It brings to the fore a whole host of updates / upgrades and versatility never previously seen before from a card at this pricing level.   Many key questions will now be poised on the tip of many tongues, though we will answer all these questions within very soon.

So what are the key product specifications of Quadro®  FX3800 which is neat single slotted pedigree thoroughbred from the professional stable of NVIDIA over its predecessor the Quadro®  FX3700.


NVIDIA Quadro® FX3800

NVIDIA Quadro® FX3700

Framebuffer Memory



Memory Interface



GPU Processor Cores



Colour Output

30-bit (10bits per pixel)

30-bit (10bits per pixel)

Memory Bandwidth

51.2 GB/s

51.2 GB/s

Max Power Consumption

108 Watts

78 Watts

Video Display Connectors

2 X DisplayPort
STEREO Option Available


Dual Link DVI



SDI Support

SDI Option Available


SLI Support

SLI, SLI-Frame Rendering, SLI-Multi OS

SLI and  SLI-Frame Rendering Only

Actually a whole host of items but the key, and most important factor is the support for SLI-Multi Operating Systems as the diagram below shows.

Now that's got a whole load of people thinking.  Especially within the film and studio's scenario's, thoughts like "WHOW we can now do this";  "life has just got so much easier".

SLI Multi-OS

SLI Multi-OS is a new SLI feature available on the FX 3800 that allows users to maximize the utilization of their workstation by running multiple operating systems concurrently. Each OS can take full advantage of GPU acceleration with a separate GPU dedicated per OS. The Parallels Workstation virtualization software can run both host and guest operating systems on a single physical workstation. SLI Multi-OS technology works in concert with Parallels Workstation to permit separate GPU's to be allocated per operating system environment. By allowing users to double the functionality of their workstation, SLI Multi-OS provides more flexibility and greater cost savings for hardware, maintenance, and IT service issues. Additionally, such configurations result in a single system setup, with less overall noise, heat, and power consumption.

To the reader it means simply.   Workstation configurations utilizing the Parallels Workstation virtualization software can have full GPU acceleration in a virtualized environment when dual Quadro graphics cards are installed.   Also for the first time on a product in this class, the Quadro FX 3800 offers the ability to output 8-, 10- or 12-bit uncompressed output to a broadcast quality monitor via an optional SDI add-on card. SDI output allows for professional video processing and the ability to composite (combine) live video with computer graphic images.

The Quadro FX 3800 supports professional quad-buffered stereo in a window for professional workstation applications. A 3-pin stereo din connector is available as a board option to allow direct connection of stereo capable monitors and stereo glasses.

With the tongues now hanging at the short trail, what else can we gain.   Therefore continuing with the key focus points.

Page 1 - Introduction
Page 2 - Introduction Continued and Close Up Pictures
Page 3 - System Build Pictures
Page 4 - System Set-Up, Applications and Benchmarks Used
Page 5 -
3DS Max 2009 Scenes
Page 6 -
Cinebench 10 64 Bit  and  POV Ray 3.72 Beta 64 Bit
Page 7 - SPECviewperf® 10.0
SPECapc for SolidWorks 2007™
Page 8 - Conclusions and Award


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