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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Charles Liang C.E.O. and Co-Founder of Supermicro


Supermicro, a name synonymous within the OEMs, SIs, Enterprise solution industry, and to experienced SoHo users.   From its foundation back in 1993 Supermicro has grown from strength to strength, pushing forward its advanced solutions, giving end-users years of worry free computational power.   Here we tend to only use either Supermicro or Intel mainboards for the launch of new professional graphics cards as the systems themselves have to be completely stable from the very beginning.  With these solutions we have no worries based on our experience and relationship with Supermicro over the last 12 year period.

To further investigate a company of this magnitude, you need to get right through the front doors and break down the cemented brick wall barriers that are often put into place for journalists.  Relationships of explicit trust need to be built  for many years before such access is granted, so, getting that itself demands an exclusive headline.   This in turn allows you, the reader, to fully understand why choices are made at such high levels, when major corporate companies prefer Supermicro equipment
as first line choice over other Tier 1 companies.   More importantly it explains why we independently use Supermicro products for those mission critical first outings with the professional cards.

When the rare opportunity came up for us to actually visit Supermicro's Head Quarters in San Jose, CA, we jumped straight away at the chance.   Our primary goal of the visit was to gain an interview with the Mighty Man who tightly controls the complete Supermicro's organisation: Mr. Charles Liang.  This is the most highly sought after man within the company, the C.E.O. and Co-Founder.   To our great surprise this was readily agreed upon. Many will know that Mr. Charles Liang does not readily partake in direct face to face interviews and this was a magnificent first for us here.

The morning started with a brief on the Company, its humble beginning, and to its mighty strength now within the industry.   We next were privy to a briefing on up and coming products and current product lines, which was most informative.  This is going to be one almighty interesting year from Supermicro, this much we can say for now.  What came across abundantly clear was the extensive enthusiasm to every brief that was undertaken.   Each member of staff showed his utter dedication to his own individual line to which he is responsible for.  It has to be said we were completely taken aback at this not often seen complete dedication.  The question floating around "Where does it all come from, as it is incredible"; we would find out soon enough.

Some more chats and meetings with various key personnel we have dealt with over the years - its actually remarkable who still works for the company after all this time. Therefore before we knew it; it was actually time to sit down in the mighty boardroom for our face to face interview with Mr. Charles Liang, CEO of Supermicro. 

Keeping it fair and to ensure we ask questions that do not require a response  breaching any NDAs, we fully prepared a substantial set of questions for the interview. This way it would ensure a fair field of fluent discussion on many topics which are critical in today’s market place.

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