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BallistixActive Cooling Fan

Conclusions and Award

The results shown within although simple, they are extremely effective proving that Crucial’s Ballistix Active DIMM Cooler doe set out to do what is claimed on the package. For a simple £20 layout you see a significant reduction in heat generation from the memory DIMMS and remember these are no ordinary memory modules.

As a further point of interest, Crucial has released a video demonstration up on You TUBE which you can find by clicking here

The video demonstration does give you a good idea on how airflow transit’s the system and how the Ballistix Active DIMM Cooler works in the environment.

As always one of the biggest questions asked is about noise. From the enclosed test system we had set-up not a peep was to be heard. One cannot ask for more than that.

Our results show an on average of 8 – 10C drop in temperature with the Ballistix Cooler in place which is an impressive performance. Therefore as a final point of note when spending huge sums of monies on such expensive DIMMS – possibly even a new system build for an extra £20.00; you can for that minor outlay increase the longevity of your precious memory modules and good system stability. The figures speak for clearly for themselves.

www.3dprofessor.org award for Crucial's Ballistix Active DIMM Cooler


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