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Exclusive - AMD FIREGL V8650 REVIEW
HEAD to HEAD – The Clash of The Titans

AMD FireGL V8650 v NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600

Since initial launch of the FireGL products a few months back we have been constantly bombarded with the ultimate question – when are you going to do a head to head of the monster memory cards at the top of the scale.

At the ultra High End position this is were really the serious players come into force and items of this calibre have to be spot on, first go!    There can not be one slight point of error at this level of the playing field.    Last month we clearly stipulated that there was a clear and present danger to Nvidia due to the aggressive pricing and performance that the FireGL cards had brought to the fore.   What does todays head to head at the Ultra High End Cards bring; well time will tell as you go through things!   What we can say is that it is very good indeed and will have many of you out there wondering what next is to come?   Time, Ladies and Gentlemen will tell.

At grass roots, the fight for leading the field in the Ultra High End Arena is bitterly fought for!   Both AMD and NVIDIA putting huge amounts of effort into these areas and it is severely fought over.   More so, currently by Nvidia branching out with their PLEX range of Quadro’s.   But the question we pose today on that topic – is for how much longer will they dominate this exclusive market place?   This we can assure you, much rests upon these exclusive cards as they do not fall within the volume sales scenario but are prefitted within the integrated system or single cards into the specialist corporate market place.   Away back in August; AMD fired out the door its first of the range - the FireGL V3600.   This took us all very much by surprise, with its raw performance and aggressive pricing.    A month passed and very quietly Nvidia sneaked out the door its next array of entry level new Quadro cards; some of which have been aggressively positioned and priced to meet the threat which by then from AMD’s new FireGL range was as we said by some analysts perceived a clear and present danger not to be taken lightly!

This will be a swift article, though as always the results that will be shown will be precise and to the point allowing you the individual to draw that ever so important conclusion deciding upon which is better!

Todays exclusive first,  and having the golden opportunity of pitching both cards off face to face, will put to bed the answers and questions that have been firing about the community for so long.   Which is better?  Which is Faster?   Which performs best overall in price point performance?

The NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 has been well covered over the year by many sites however, today is a first outing for you all on the FireGL V8650 and many will be wondering just how it really performs and does it live up to the claims made by AMD’s FireGL Team.   Again patience and you will see though firstly lets have a look at both cards side by side to gain a few salient facts about each.



FX 5600

Shader Processing Units



Memory Configuration

2.0GB DDR4

1.5GB DDR3

Memory Controller Interface



Memory Bandwidth (GB per second)



Shader Model Support



Direct X 10 Support



Open GL Support



Per Pixel Colour Component Output

8, 10, 16-bit

8, 10, 16-bit

Display Output Connectors



Dual Digital



Multi- Card Support / SLI Frame Rendering Support






Digital Analog



Power Consumption

225 Watts

171 Watts

With these facts complete lets have a look at the next page and the card in the flesh

1.     Introduction
2.     FireGL V8650 Pictures
Intel® Desktop Board DX38BT Extreme Series ATX Mainboard
4.     Intel® Desktop Board DX38BT Extreme Series ATX Mainboard - Pictures
5.     System Set-up and Software Used
6.     Intel® Desktop Board DX38BT Extreme Series Mainboard
SPECviewperf® 10.0  RunAll Tests - 1280 X 1024
8.     SPECviewperf® 10.0  RunAll Tests -  1600 X 1200
9.     SPECviewperf® 10.0  FSAA RunAll Tests - 1280 X 1024
10.   SPECviewperf® 10.0  FSAA RunAll Tests - 1600 X 1200
11.   SPECviewperf® 10.0  THREADS RunAll Tests - 1280 X 1024
12.   SPECviewperf® 10.0  THREADS RunAll Tests - 1600 X 1200
12a. Conclusions


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