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This is going to be as controversial as it gets.   Project RED THUNDER - the FireGL V7700 has completely run away with all that has been thrown at it!    How can NVIDIA come back?   Currently there are no known new SKU’s from NVIDIA on the horizon which is very usual.    These are questions that many are asking and the perpetual silence leaves many wondering.   The questions are all too obvious.  

Though lets start first with the obvious question that comes to mind.   Project Red Thunder, or as many have known Project XXX Thunder.   When the card first arrived and it was tested we immediately saw 3 significant major points.

1.   The new dominance that this card would bring to the arena.
2.   Cost/Performance ratio is extraordinary.
3.   The major significant gains that this card will bring in market share.

We must also remember the new V7700 is the first professional graphics card to fully support the new DisplayPort Technology which means
Maximum Resolution of 2560x1600 in 10-bit colour depth with DRM Support.  This also sees a reduction in precious KWH output and a single cable for audio and video output.   Look closely at the card pictures shown as we have deliberately left out one important piece of information which will have many of you now wondering, “What is that for”.   For now you will have to wait and see for our next outing.  

It has been one of those events that we would have wished to have shown more, but the clock ticked hard and fast against us as there is a huge demand to see this excellent new graphics card from ATI.  There is so much it has to offer.   As time really was completely against us and we only had a short few days to complete all from fresh.    What is conclusive; is that the base line tests from SPECviewperf® 10.0 have returned substantial amounts of indisputable results for the AMD’s FireGL V7700 which is exceptional for a low cost High End Entry Level professional card.  

To complete all of the tests on the system does take considerable amounts of time to accomplish. As a point of note and this is not for the faint hearted; it can take at least a full 3 – 4 hours to properly complete a complete “run all tests” of SPECviewperf® 10.0 depending on the system and professional graphic’s card under test.   Taking these facts this into account, it therefore takes a full 2 days to completely set up each system and run the benchmarks correctly for each card.    What may seem like a few simple scores actually takes a full 4 working days to complete properly. We do rerun the test several times after to ensure that the first out results contain no anomalies.   

However, it does feed back to the end users considerable amounts of information for digestion especially within the Composites and Multisampling Results.   The results that have been shown on this review are from the benchmarks first run in accordance with the SPECviewperf® fair play rules.  Not the average of 3 or so runs as some places seem to think is right.

For those of you who may have slightly over looked the fact, it has to be also noted that Skulltrail PCI Express Rail currently runs at
PCI Express* 1.1 x16 and Bonetrail’s PCI Express Rail runs at PCI Express* 2.0 x16 standard.  These are very important factual points of note to take away when comparing the results.  With this in mind we have to look forward to the future of what Intel is proposing in bringing to the fore, speculation is in many places running amok with wild presumptions.

The new technology uptake that AMD’s FireGL has brought to the fore with this release, most certainly is the most comprehensive outing of a new professional graphic card.   A card of this nature from either camp are staggered out over a strategic set period.   Not so in this instance and we must applaud AMD’s FireGL team for getting all right first time around.   It is a magnificent achievement to bring so much out enhanced high quality technology in one swift move.    Analysts and investors alike are now extremely pleased at the aggressive approach in the market share recovery with these exceptional products. When this rocket hits the floors today it most certainly will produce a flurry of speculation what next?  

Shown previously are the most interesting points of the new SPECviewperf® 10.0 benchmark and adding in the Excel charts gives you the reader that much better idea on how closely matched these 2 products really are in support of this new professional card!    We will be updating the review, with each system showing the card at optimal levels of 1600 X 1200 gives you an even better idea on just how they both perform at these resolutions.   Many viewers out there now sit comfortably with these resolutions (and higher) therefore we felt it imperative to show the results to give unbiased views for you all.   What of DMI support, here the card instantly recognised the monitor and pushed it straight up to its maximum viewing resolution.   The colour reproduction and clarity was astonishing.   It has to be said that DVI support here has now been made redundant.

To reiterate; for those who skipped out a few pages a brief summary of the
SPECviewperf® 10.0 results

SPECviewperf® 10.0  RunAll Tests 1280 X 1024


V7700 & Bonetrail

V7700 & Skulltrail

Driver Release



























Availability of the cards!  We can confirm that the AMD (ATI) FireGL V7700 will be shipping from distributors into the UK and EU in the 2nd Week of April 2008.  Current MRSP (Ex Taxes and VAT) of each card is:

AMD FireGL V7700 – £505.86 UK Pounds, $1099 US Dollars, €620.56 Euros

Taking into consideration its price performance point we have to seriously think about this card when buying a new system or upgrading.     At a MRSP price point of just £505.86 UK Pounds or $1099 US Dollars,   the irrefutable results shown here today verbalize volumes.    You have to be completely foolish to miss out on an opportunity of this magnitude.  It does not take a mathematician or rocket scientist to formulate out the answer……………………………

The same old arguments are given what of support?   We now know that AMD have a some 175 + team dedicated to the FireGL cards and are delivering out on time hot fixes and vastly improved updated drivers all the time.   This now should put paid to any unfounded rumours which the scuttle butt may have started and firmly put to rest these idiotic claims.  Negative marketing is rift today and can backfire very badly upon the starters of these unfounded allegations.

To ever so briefly deviate, and to give an idea on the whole systems performance overall. We can stipulate within 3DS Max 9 SP2 we have seen CBALLS2 Video Post rendered out in less than 2 minutes, with Radiosity only taking a meagre 12 minutes and 1 second to complete.   A few months back we were all completely aghast at the 30 minute barrier being broken.  How long before we see the 10 minute barrier being smashed in Radiosity?  Time will tell very soon!

On a further important note which you the reader must take fully into consideration.   The FireGL V7700 shown here today is an early shipping sample and there is a slight change to the cooling array shown today.   The drivers used should be WHQL within the next 2 weeks and we will see a improvements on what has been incredibly shown here today.    

The gauntlet which was thrown down from AMD’s FireGL Team to NVIDIA has been picked up they are still well behind currently!   Major film studios, high-end architects, Gas & Oil Community, Medical & Ultra High-end Imaging Studios/ Life Sciences / Acquisition Modalities all alike have the raw power now from just the 1 card to achieve more than their wildest dreams without spending an absolute fortune on something else.   These specialist cards are not the standard cash cows for both AMD and NVIDIA and rely upon the major specialist organisations to pick up on these articles like these very quickly.    Once more with the results shown they have to seriously consider what has been shown today.

The points gained within SPEC and independent reviews can mean either considerable gains or loses at these mission critical levels.  Many, many important eyes watch results of this magnitude.

What of the future?   Well, time will tell what is to come next, though whatever comes from the FireGL camp next is most definitely to be something more spectacular than has been shown today. 

Many now will be looking forward to their next years fiscal spend of what to use and how to save money.  With what has been shown today, the conclusions one must be thinking are vey decisive.
Although what has written may seem very repetitive, one cannot escape from hard factual unequivocal evidence that has been displayed.

Finally, that every so
precious diamond studded golden crown in the professional graphic card arena that was powerfully in the clutch of NVIDIA’s iron fist has been utterly ripped away.    How much more punishment can NVIDIA take from AMD in the professional graphics front? 

The AMD FireGL Team firmly maintain their status of being the Dominate Force in all arenas

www.3dprofessor.org award for the AMD’s FireGL V7700 High End Entry Level
Professional Workstation Card


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Configured Intel X38 (Bonetrail) Test System
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3DS Max SP2 Scenes
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Cinebench 10
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SPECapc for SolidWorks 2007™
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SPECviewperf® 10.0
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