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The Need For Speed - The ATI Choice With The Power of Two

For nearly 6 years NVidia has dominated within the professional graphics card market; multiple card  support (SLI) to many professional applications.   This has been an extremely lucrative market  - until now.   The hot contender ATI; has now successfully achieved ATI CrossFire™ Pro Technology for their professional graphic cards.   For the astute few this announcement will come as no big surprise.  Though for many hundreds of thousands FirePro end-users and depending on your professional application of choice, be prepared to see within some huge differences.

So the biggest question on many tongues is to be that of which cards are fully ATI CrossFire™ Pro supported.   For the present Entry level cards are not optimal for scaling
we see the FirePro V5700, the FirePro V7750 (Watch these spaces soon for more information on this awesome little rascal), the FirePro V8700 and last but not least the FirePro V8750.   Many will be asking what is this, well we have yet another exclusive for you on this 2GB monster of a card on a completely separate article.  

So with the cards listed above what does this mean to us all with the ATI FirePro™ products winging in from mid-range to the ultra high-end will all support ATI CrossFire™ Pro Technology.

       Listed cards above are currently supported by Windows® XP (both 32 and 64-bit).  Additional
    support for other operating systems has a planned availability - Q4’09.

       Enables the Combining of Two Discreet GPUs

       Up to 80% performance scaling for applications like Siemens NX 3, Teamcenter®, and Autodesk
    Maya™.   The results obtained within todays article from all the systems show some very good
    scaling within SPEC Viewperf 10

       ATI CrossFire™ Pro achieves superior productivity for designers with extreme performance needs

       ATI CrossFire™ Pro Technology is supported on both AMD and Intel Chipsets - a list of Certified
    mainboards should be appearing soon on Manufacturers websites soon.  Within todays article
    sees 4 mainboard taken at random from both Intel and Supermicro that have performed

       Customers who have already purchased a supported ATI FirePro™ card can request a cable on
    the AMD website at

       Scales geometry-limited OpenGL applications using Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR) mode

Therefore todays outing demonstrating ATI CrossFire™ Pro Technology will be covered by the ever popular ATI FirePro V8700 professional graphics card.   Though first lets have a few pictures of everything in a state of build from several of the systems on show here today.
Page 1 - Introduction
Page 2 - Build Pictures
Page 3 - Build Pictures Continued
Page 4 - Systems Set-Up and Benchmarks Used
Page 5 - HD Tach and PCMark 2005 Advanced
Page 6 - SiSoftware Sandra 2009 SP3
Page 7 -
Intel DX58S0, i7 975 3.33GHz and SPECviewperf® 10.0 32-bit
Page 8 -
Supermicro X8SAX i7 965 3.2GHz and SPECviewperf® 10.0 32-bit
Page 9 - Intel Shady Cove, Dual W5580 3.2GHz and
SPECviewperf® 10.0 64-bit
Page 10 -
Supermicro X8DAi Dual W5580 3.2GHz and SPECviewperf® 10.0 64-bit
Page 11 - Conclusions and Award

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