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*Exclusive*  AMD (ATI) FirePro (FireGL) V5700 Mid Range Professional Graphics Card


A year has now passed and the never ending flurry of new professional cards from ATI has stormed out into the professional community.  Performance has been exceptional from each new outing and most effectively the actual cost of the cards has been superbly positioned.  Big sales too many Tier One suppliers and major OEM’s have boasted ATI’s share well within the marker place.

Today we see an exclusive outing of the First of 2 new cards from the ATI’s pedigree stable.   The first
AMD (ATI) FirePro (FireGL) V5700  which we will look at exclusively today and its little brother the AMD (ATI) FirePro (FireGL) V3700 A few months back when we heard mutterings of the new card and just what it was able to deliver took us by surprise.  But the proof of the claims has been well founded as we were to discover very quickly indeed.

But things do not stop there and with the announcement of the 2 new cards, we see a strategic change in the FireGL name brand.   Enter the
ATI FirePro series of cards – more to follow on this sector within the conclusions.

For a few months now speculation has been riff that new GPU’s were due out soon, some stating as early as September.  These guesses had not been too far out as today sees the actual first live outing of the RV730 GPU chipset with the ATI FirePro (FireGL) V5700.

This is to be a fairly comprehensive article covering a few of the professional products and benchmarks which will give the end users of the professional community a good idea how much the technology in this card has grown.   To gauge the actual uptake in this mid range card we would advise you to have a swift look over at the SPEC Website and compare with what has been shown today with the current results shown of the FireGL V5600 to get factual evidence of which is better.  As always the results that will be shown will be precise and to the point allowing you the individual to draw that ever so important conclusion deciding upon which is better!

Therefore we the foreword complete lets now delve into the make of this new wicked card and see what it has to offer you all.

(Our thanks to ATI Public Relations in forwarding this advance information)

This midrange workstation solution with 512MB of frame buffer memory is among the industry’s first 3D workstation graphics accelerators to feature two DisplayPort output. With a full 30-bit display pipeline producing more than one billion colours (10-bit per RGB component). The ATI FirePro V5700 is ideally suited for applications that benefit from accurate colour reproduction and superior visual quality.

Based on a new generation GPU with 320 unified shader units, the ATI FirePro V5700 ultra parallel processing architecture maximizes throughput by automatically directing graphics horsepower where it’s needed. Intelligent management of computational resources enables enhanced utilization of the GPU to enable real-time rendering of complex models and scenes while increasing frame rates when animating.

The ATI FirePro V5700 features two DisplayPort outputs and a Dual Link enabled DVI output, together generating a multi-monitor desktop of over 5000 pixels wide from a single accelerator. In addition, with native multi-card support, users can see more and do more using up to four displays being driven by two ATI FirePro products in the same workstation.

ATI FirePro workstation graphics accelerators are thoroughly tested and certified with major Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Digital Content Creation (DCC) applications, ensuring a level of reliability not found in consumer graphics products.

So lets look at both the new cards side by side and see what this actually means to us all.


Entry Level

Mid Range

ATI FirePro Model






Memory Configuration



Memory Interface



Memory Bandwidth



Unified Shader Units



Dual Link DVI Outputs



DisplayPort Outputs



10-bit Color



HD Component Output



PCIe 2.0



First thing that will have many of you reeling is the actual number of Unified Shaders that the V5700 has to offer.  Yes you all have all read correctly a 128-bit bus and DDR3 memory.  Many questions must be now being asked hmm, has performance taken a hit over the V5600 that many so dearly love.  We can state here and now, NO.  Later on the results will show just how efficient this powerful card really is.  SPEC website has been recently updated with a FireGL V5600 results so this is a good comparative to gauge the new cards total performance.
Page 1 - Introduction
Page 2 - Introduction Continued
Page 3 - Pictures of the ATI FirePro (FireGL) V5700
Page 4 - System Configurations and Software Tests
Page 5 -
3DS Max 9 SP2 Scenes
Page 6 - PC Mark 2005 & MAXON Cinebench 10
Page 7 - SPECapc for SolidWorks 2007™
Page 8 -
SPECviewperf® 10.0
Page 9 - Conclusions and Exclusive Q & A with Janet Matsuda, Senior Director Professional Graphics

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