3XS SR-2 Conclusions and Awards

The Scan 3XS SR-2 workstation has most certainly performed exceptionally well and, when we look at the total cost of the system and the upgrades paths open to end-users of all walks, we have a winner here.  As a rule of thumb whilst looking into review systems they are very well built, Scans SR-2 has to be one of the cleanest built systems we have looked at over the years.  Cable management has been extremely well focused upon as this is one sector that can obstruct good system airflow; an extremely important due consideration.  The components have been accurately placed allowing intake and exhaust  fans to operate at optimal performance.  Acoustics’; in this instance Scans 3XS SR-2 certainly meets the stringent requirements of a workstation that sits by the desk.    Taking into due consideration the components we had to on several occasions look down to see if the system was switched on.  The Lian Li chassis’ s prefitted acoustic foam certainly took care of this.   Importantly the Scan 3XS SR-2 Black brushed aluminium chassis looks the part and will sit at the side of many a desk and not look out of place as part of the furnishings, an important point in today’s fine studio’s where key customers and new clients come and go.   Image is everything within the studio.

The actual system performance from the I/O was what we had anticipated.  Extremely fast indeed as the Sandra 2011 System Cryptography result has shown.  Whilst to slightly deviate this unit came with what many of the Tier 1 suppliers are now stipulate as a baseline system with a fast SSD as the primary boot drive.   The results from the Corsair  Performance 3 Series SSD are pretty spectacular in many areas, the results within demonstrate very clearly the bang for buck scenario.  When you the end-user are spending monies of this nature, costing will be high but those who will require the ultimate in performance then this is an exceptional forethought option implementation.  To back these facts up are the results from the recent release of POV-Ray 64-bit benchmark that completely stretches the system I/O.  1 minute 20 seconds for completion shows it is no slouch. Cinebench 11.5 returned another blistering CPU score of 17.75 most certainly a very fast result indeed.    One has unequivocal evidence that this standalone unit has the power  to meet the most demanding clients high expectations of a fast output with plenty of room for future expansion in many areas.

The results obtained from the SPECapc’ s and SPECviewperf are good, the Nvidia Quadro’s have continued to do very well on this platform.  Whilst the Quadro 5000 returned some pretty good results, it is without doubt that the Nvidia Quadro 6000 romped away demonstrating its raw power.  It’s almost as if the mainboard was built for it.   Both these the professional graphic card’s from Nvidia performed well right within the remit of expected scores for both cards. Though they were above everyone’s expectations returning results from the SPEC tests some very impressive results.    

Within SPECviewperf 11, astonishing to say the least, Maya-03 running away with a score at over 100 and swiftly following this up was the SNX-01 score of 58.56 which caught us all by surprise.  Equally it demonstrates how much work has gone into the driver range backed up fully the SPECapc for SolidWorks result.  The Quadro® 6000 currently just cannot be caught with its unprecedented performance.   Will we see faster, only time will tell.  Each of the professional cards from Nvidia did do very well indeed.

At going to print the cost of Scan 3XS SR-2 workstation with the Nvidia® Quadro® 5000 is £4899.99 plus Vat and Delivery.  Those looking at going the direct route option for the system build as is with the upgrade choice of the  Nvidia® Quadro® 6000 is £6500.00 plus Vat and Delivery. All items can be purchased direct from Scan, please telephone +44 (0)871 472 4747.    For those wishing the quick and easy route via Scans online ordering via this link http://3xs.scan.co.uk/ShowSystem.asp?SystemID=1250 and last but not least email workstations@scan.co.uk .  Responses by e-mail are on a first come first served basis and the company does get back in touch with you very quickly indeed as our external tests has shown.   Other made to order configurations can be easily constructed and should be asked about upon enquiry.   To conclude this section the Scan 3XS SR-2 workstation system comes with a full 3 year warranty that will appease all end-users seriously considering this system.

Scan 3XS SR-2 workstation comes as a neatly well laid out system with plenty of room for future expansion, an important factor in today’s demanding environment.  If one is looking for the fastest system around that meets your critical success factors in expediting extreme productivity output for those demanding clients; then look no further as the 3XS SR-2 workstation from Scan completely surpasses those requirements

www.3dprofessor.org Award for Scan’s 3XS SR-2 Workstation

www.3dprofessor.org Award for Scan's 3XS SR-2 Workstation

EDITORS CHOICE for Mid-Range Dual Processor Workstation

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