AMD FirePro™ 3D Professional Graphics

This has to have been the most exciting year we have seen in a very long time.  Firstly ATI in April 2010 launched its successful new range of professional cards starting out with the FirePro™ V8800 which caught many by complete surprise.  A few months later and out popped the V7800 which ended up being one of ATI’s main income source of card.    It has to be acknowledged by many as a successful entry level high end professional graphics card that had at the time a 2GB bit of bang to it and, an aggressive price point.

In the recent month many rumours had been flying around and today we take an exclusive look at this new extraordinary technological advancement in professional graphic’s which will have many end-users sit up and pay careful attention to what the new FirePro™ V7900 has to offer.  At a first glance there does not seem to be all that much of a difference, then you note the 4 DisplayPort connectors and wonder what else?  Take a look under the neatly designed heatsink and delve into the software and all sorts of magical advancements have been made beneath the hood.   Therefore the initial impressions would appear that this is a card that could present itself to competition as a direct clear and present danger.

Based upon a single slot design with the option of an add in Stereo Out port that the end user can readily fit, if so desired.   The V7900 is a full length card with the now traditional 2GB of GDDR5 one expects to see as standard on these cards of this magnitude with a whopping great 160GB/s memory bandwidth.   When we take a step back and looking at what the optimised systems Tier 1, Tier 2’s S.I.’s and VAR’s sell directly into studios and the like.    Both Dell and HP have shown considerable support for the new cards in many of their own respective new Sku’s that will be available soon with Dell bringing to the fore first we hear.   

Therefore pulling out all the stops from the usual professional applications and benchmarks we gave the FirePro™ V7900 a good airing to see how it really did perform.     Could this be an option many have been looking for, giving an edge with leading CAD and DCC applications. 

Therefore to look more closely at the card we move to the next page for all the new key features

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