AMD Professional Graphic Cards on Dual Socket Intel Xeon System

AMD FirePro™ V7900


AMD FirePro™ V8800


AMD FirePro™ V9800


Combined Dual Xeon Composite Scores


Combined Complete Dual Xeon Scores



First out the stable door was to be that of the FirePro™ V7900, its only been a few weeks since we looked at it and the initial impressions had been good.  Today is no different as it romped home within the Large Model GPU test taking everyone by complete surprise.  The new GPU and the enormous supported bandwidth has made substantial differences against the rest of the pack.   The actual Large Model  Composite result was a substantial outcome therefore it shows that the FirePro™ V7900 has got the steam to deliver.   We must point out that this driver release is a new beta launch and the other cards within the test are quickly picking up the pace, therefore a revisit here within a month or so is worth it.

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