AMD Professional Graphic Cards on Single Socket Intel Xeon System

AMD FirePro™ V7900

AMD FirePro™ V8800

AMD FirePro™ V9800

Combined Single Socket Xeon Composite Scores

Combined Complete Single Socket Xeon Scores

Here is where things got interesting indeed, there has been much expectation on how well the new Supermicro X9SCA with the Intel® C204 PCH chipset and E Series Xeon would perform.   Impeccably.  What we found interesting on our findings was that the actual FirePro™ professional graphic cards performed better on the single socket than the dual socket.  Once more and still maintaining the lead over its older siblings in many areas was to be that of the FirePro™ V7900.  Bearing in mind this new card is AMD’s first of possibly many to come.  Time will tell we are sure. 

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