Conclusions and Award – AMD FirePro™ V7900

Within the introduction we stated that the initial impressions would appear that this is a card that could present itself to competition as a direct clear and present danger.   From current impressions and we have to take into account that the driver is a raw beta the FirePro™ V7900 does present itself admirably.   Therefore there is more to come yet we will surmise. 

Factually and on paper this new offering from AMD is one of the most significant technological advancements within the professional graphic card industry for quite some time.   So this is a product that has come kicking’ and screaming out the door gaining the desired immediate effect.   The clever bean counters and marketers at AMD have sat down and done their homework precisely. Which brings us next to our crystal ball readings. Paper figures, are just that, actually reality of current products out the door is fact, within 12 months AMD has gained a ground on market share in certain areas on its own merits.

Support from Tier 1 and 2 has been huge and notwithstanding the support from the S.I.’S and VARS.   Therefore this 160GB/s bandwidth, 2GB of GDDR5 on-board memory. Memory clocks as some now perceive this as an important point the AMD FirePro V7900 has a 725MHz core clock and 1250MHz memory clock, walking through the door with an MSRP of only $999 USD.   The new Cayman Pro GL graphics processor can also process over 1450 million triangles per second whereas the V7800 a meagre 700 million, once more significant hardware development.   One last important note is a TDP of only 150 Watts.

The new supported feature enhancements to these new cards include; AMD GeometryBoost, PowerTune, HD3D Pro,  Enhanced Quality Anti-Aliasing (EQAA) and last but by no means least Morphological Filtering (MLAA).  All these new features are designed to make life in the workplace for the professional much simpler though more productive.  

One important feature we note is the new AMD FirePro™ V7900 supports the new PCI Express standard V2.1.  An important but significant move forward to which means that final support for the long awaited PCI Express standard V3.0 is not far away.   There are mainboards out there that support the feature but you have to look very carefully into the manufacturers mainboard specifications.

Whilst supporting a raw beta driver the FirePro™ V7900 has leap up through the scales and we have successfully demonstrated the scalability of the card over its predecessor the AMD FirePro V7800 within SPECviewperf 11 as seen below.  Much of this performance improvement is down to the architecture of the new product, some down to the driver team, the unsung heroes that so many forget about. The results shown within have been extra-ordinary to say the least. award for the AMD’s FirePro™ V7900 High End Professional Workstation Card award for the AMD’s FirePro™ V7900 High End Professional Workstation Card


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