CPU Heatsink Fan Cooling

Early we covered within the two cooling arrays for the system, Intel’s® own Liquid Cooling High Performance solution  and that of Akasa and their new dual fan Venom Voodoo.  Each of these new cooling CPU arrays has its own unique place and position within the system, and, as we now voice the need for choice.   Therefore in order to give you the reader an idea to how each performed we took a set of simple I/O tests (SPECapcSM for Maya 2009 and SPECapc for SolidWorks 2007™) which run the whole system I/O at full speed as after all they are very aggressive tests to see what sort of comparison we would see – if at all any. 

Starting off with Intel’s® own Liquid Cooling High Performance solution we see the following results


Moving onwards next to Akasa’s Venom Voodoo we obtained the following results



The results are most certainly completely different and notwithstanding we do have to take into account the cost of each unit and the target market for each of these fine units.   There are places to which Intel’s® own Liquid Cooling High Performance solution will come into its own arena and surpass the air solution from Akasa.  However Akasa’s own Venom Voodoo has excelled on air.  What we must also take into due consideration is that each is very different in cost.  What we have demonstrated today is giving you the reader once more the choice.  Intel has of course came out with its own High Performance solution  at a very aggressive pricing point which in turn means they are going after a whole new target market that is dominated by a few manufacturers.  This can only mean more opportunity in grabbing that market share and of course ultimately making more money for the shareholders.  Both parts from Intel and Akasa did run remarkably quiet, and it has to be said there are some new kids on the block – so look out. 

Finally as previously mentioned Intel’s own Stock Cooler which can as noted from below can be purchased from both Distribution and Retailers.  We cannot currently comment on how this performs.  Using a guide of previous experience using Intel stock coolers they will be good and very quiet.  More to follow on this topic at a later date.  What one has to observe is that Intel has taken steps in future proofing the HSF for the forth coming Ivybridge E variant when this format finally comes online.

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