Crucial’s Ballistix Active DIMM Cooler

Every now and again that all important item of special prominence springs to the fore, some say a gadget others, an others an extremely important part of the system.  Today we have a look at Crucial’s Ballistix DIMM Cooler that hit the streets running at the end of November 2010.  There are a few of these important parts available already on the market some by other famous manufacturers, others by less known.  Crucial in its meticulous manner wishing  to stay ahead of the game and always looking to maintain its lead over its competitors has sat back listened to their customers and produced this would be exceptional piece of equipment.  We all strive to maintain a quiet and cool system that we get our monies  worth from before taking the leap up in getting a whole new system.  Therefore can a simple £20.00 peripheral ensure longevity in our memory modules as is stipulated. 


With the aid of Crucial’s Public Relations department we move onto the official line.

“With higher densities of memory running fully populated in motherboard memory slots—along with faster speeds—performance systems demand additional cooling,” said Jeremy Mortenson, Crucial senior product manager. “Whether you run your memory at stock speeds or push it to the limits with overclocking, temperature plays a critical role in reliability. The new Crucial Ballistix Active Cooling Fan can improve airflow and keep your memory running cooler.”

Featuring two 60mm fans, the new Crucial Ballistix Active Cooling Fan is easy to attach—requiring no tools for installation—and comes with a simple flexible power connection. In addition, its low noise level and clear design make it even more attractive, as it complements most case designs and allows a view of the LEDs from installed Crucial Ballistix Tracer high-performance memory.

Technical specifications for the Crucial Ballistix Active Cooling Fan are listed below:
• Dimensions: 155mm x 77.6mm x 71.6mm
• Fan size: 2 x 60mm fans
• Voltage: 12VDC
• Fan speed: 3000 RPM +/- 10%
• Noise: 25dBA (28max)
• Airflow: 15CFM
• Weight: 200g
• Connection: 3-pin power connector (4-pin adapter included)

Therefore over the page for a few more pictures of the Crucial Ballistix™ Active Cooling Fan

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