E1280 Conclusions and Awards

The Intel® Server Board S1200BLT certainly is a feature rich unit that will slot nicely into most ATX chassis though as we have seen within the supplied pedestal unit aimed at the small to medium sized business is quiet and will not look out of place at all within the furnishings.   The actual upgrade paths that are readily available to this unit are tremendous and taking into account today’s I.T. budgets being hit very hard in some sectors this complete unit will satisfy the needs of the many without straining any of the budget.   This will as we mentioned in the introduction suit many SoHo, small and medium business’s as this pedestal mount has so much flexibility to offer all.    Although plain and simple black molding it will not look out of place in any office purring away in the background.    Those wishing to make use of the 1U Rackmounts will have no problems putting these into place within their existing builds. Whether Pedestal or 1U each has an array of additional fittings that can be ordered directly from your supplier. Each chassis has enough storage room to keep many happy for a very long time to come as demonstrated within. Some will be interested in the render speeds which are all within the acceptable limitations, so this can be used as a render node comfortably overnight.

The actual mainboards versatility, one has to sit back in awe.  
We also see the ability to utilise a multi monitor scenario if so required using the onboard VGA and as we did slotting into place an additional PCI Express graphics card.    Once more we see unfold capabilities of what this small but efficient mainboard can do, many thoughts will be whizzing around now. 

The plethora of benchmarks and one could produce would have the many lost before half way through the article, the whole concept idea of this article is to keep it factually simple.   This in turn means that even the most technological unwise individual can fully grasp what has been shown from within.   We have taken the some of the most advanced Solid State Drives on the market to demonstrate where each stacks up in the day to day usage with this excellent set of new components.  

There are speculated new variants of Intel’s SSD’s due within 3 – 4 months and these items will also have to be seriously taken in due consideration as they on paper show great promise replacing the older X25-E SLC with the new Lyndonville refresh.  Though the one that will have many awaiting with great eager is that of the new Ramsdale PCI Express variant.  Once more the careful malicious planning now and in the future of system deployment must be addressed.  On proceeding to print we are unable to disclose pricing structures, though the purposed IOP’s in both read/ write and product longevity will surprise many indeed.  One final point of note is the actual bit in security of the products offering 128 bit AES encryption to 256 bit encryption with the Ramsdale PCI Express unit.   There are also rumours of further new PCI Express products from that of Micron, OCZ and LSI as of yet no true factual evidence has come across this desk therefore it would be unfair to comment further, though as always some truth within certain leaks must be looked upon carefully, others must be disregarded totally.

Wait less time and do more with Solid-State Drives with the correct SSD can save you money, whilst importantly 
 increasing productivity.   Unlike traditional hard disk drives, SSD’s have no moving parts, resulting in a quiet, cool,
 highly rugged storage solution that also offers faster system responsiveness. Boot time, application launches, file
 loads, sleep recovery, benchmarks; each activity is faster with an SSD as we have shown.    Finally discover how your
 own companies incorporation of the suggested SSD’s into your computing solutions to completely maximize the
 companies technology investment.   
the SSD whether within the desktop or the enterprise scenario is here to stay
 whether we like it or not and, with costing’s in many areas becoming cheaper, provide more energy efficient units.  It
 therefore has to be fully accepted by the end-user to stay on top being the leader in your market, the choice of both 
 desktop and enterprise SSD’s should be your first point of high-quality selection.


The primary arena that these drives would take up are as that of the Master Boot Drive.   There are many software packages that do give the individual a very good idea to how these perform, though on brief looks we did note significant increases in performance in certain applications, for example those of Max, Maya and SolidWorks several I/O intensive ISV software applications that fully stretch the whole system I/O.   Nevertheless, we see many large SQL data bases and web front end packages where instant results are required will benefit greatly from the adaption of these drives within this type of solution on show today.  We have witnessed in the past and now, significant uptakes with the aid of the SSD in application load times and I/O outputs.  

The synthetic and file tests showed us just what could be achieved easily. There is good memory bandwidth that will allow swift transactions to take place. A reduction in overall power consumption though notwithstanding – no reduction in performance which is the key message we have to absorb.

This has been a bold step forward by Intel in today’s bitterly fought market place. Though it gives the VAR’s and S.I.’s that opportunity of making some more good profit with the complete all in one solutions that have been carefully thought out.    Today’s server market place is extremely tight with small margins in this area.    There are thoughts and some forecasts that the recession is nearing an end so an inexpensive solution of this calibre has to be seriously considered by all parties concerned.   
When you look at the provided picture above of all the wears laid out it does make you think. They look neat, perform exceedingly well together and the results are very good overall.    The thrust will be on to get these items in front of the customers quickly.

www.3dprofessor.org award for the  Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 Family and the Intel® Server Board S1200BT

www.3dprofessor.org award for the Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 Family and the Intel® Server Board S1200BT

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