*Exclusive* NVIDIA® QUADRO® 2000 **Updated** 20th Feb 2011 with New Award

A year has passed now since the successful lunch of Nvidia’s® Quadro® FX1800, and it has to be acknowledged by many as a successful mid range card that had a bit of bang to it.   In recent months we have covered all the high performing Quadro® Fermi performance cards and they have without doubt caught many unawares to the sheer power beneath the hood.  Like all professional cards the refresh comes along and therefore the time has now come upon us to now reveal the Quadro® FX1800’s replacement with the Quadro® Fermi 2000.  Bouncing right in we notice a significant difference within the cards design as you will note within page X. Smaller and yet much more powerful than its predecessor.  Could this be an option many have been looking for, giving an edge with leading CAD and DCC applications.  

Taking a step back and looking at what the baseline bread and butter optimised systems Tier 1, Tier 2’s S.I.’s and VAR’s sell directly into studios and the like.   This new card promises to deliver much more and most importantly at similar pricing.  The mammoth leap in CUDA cores available will enable many to utilise their already optimised software to greater performance levels.  Helping this along an increase in memory bandwidth and that all important step up to 1GB of onboard memory of the much faster GDDR5.  Therefore pulling out all the stops from the usual professional applications and benchmarks we gave the Nvidia® Quadro® 2000 a good airing to see how it really did perform.


In order to see at a glance we put together a differences table between the 2 cards

Technical Specifications

Nvidia® Quadro 2000

Nvidia® Quadro FX1800

CUDA Parallel Processors



GPU Memory

1024MB GDDR5


Memory Width



Memory Bandwidth



FSAA (maximum)






PCI Express

Generation 2

Generation 2

Display I/O

1 x DL-DVI + 2 DP

1 x DL-DVI + 2 DP

Maximum Power Consumption

62 Watts

59 Watts

Form Factor

Single Slot

Single Slot

Feature Support


OpenGL 4.0

Microsoft Direct X


Shader Model


NVIDIA CUDA Architecture




NVIEW Display Management Software


3D Vision Pro

Support via USB

Display Support

Dual Link DVI-I




# of Digital Outputs

3 ( 2 out of 3 active at a time )

Maximum Display Resolution Digital @ 60Hz


FSAA (maximum)


With the aid of Nvidia’s public relations team we therefore find the following

Design, iterate and deliver higher quality results in less time with the Quadro 2000 mid-range professional graphics solution. Delivering the industry’s best class performance across leading CAD and DCC applications, Quadro 2000 provides an affordable, high performance experience that can transform how engineers, designers and animators work every day.

The revolutionary Quadro GPU architecture

The breakthrough NVIDIA® Fermi architecture tightly integrates advanced visualization and compute features delivering performance that greatly accelerates professional workflows.


Advanced industry solutions with cutting-edge capabilities, designed for professionals

Quadro 2000 delivers advanced capabilities including 3D Vision™ Pro for the highest quality stereoscopic 3D environments, SLI Multi-OS to drive multiple Windows or Linux environments from a single workstation, and Panoramic Mode enabling any application to seamlessly scale across up to 8 displays without sacrificing performance.


Supercharged professional applications

NVIDIA professional software technologies such as CUDA™ software and NVIDIA Application Acceleration Engines, and optimized drivers enable Quadro GPUs to further accelerate applications including SolidWorks, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, and many more.


Designed, built and engineered by NVIDIA to the highest standards of quality

Quadro solutions are designed, built and backed by NVIDIA to ensure the highest standards of quality, delivering industry leading performance, capabilities and reliability.

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