*Exclusive* Nvidia Quadro® 4000

July 27th 2010 saw the launch of Nvidia’s new secret weapon the Quadro Fermi® 4000, 5000 and 6000 cards.  Here we got the exclusive on both 5000 and 6000 cards and these pretty much blew everyone away.  On the initial brief we had been delivered an excellent broadside on the Quadro® 5000 to which our article was very well received within the community.   We further advanced on that on the same day with our own Nvidia Quadro® 6000 article.   This was the derby winner and did catch many on the hop as the results most certainly amazed.   Therefore the last and most interesting of the trio is the Nvidia Quadro® 4000 has just arrived.   Today we have an exclusive look into the final edition of the Quadro Fermi cards aimed squarely at the workstation market.  This  neat single slot card is one of the mainstay bread and butter professional graph cards from Nvidia.   The Nvidia Quadro® 4000 gives end-users the power and features to take their inspiration even further with certified application support for the industry’s top CAD/CAM, 3D Design, and Digital Content Creation software applications.

The entry level position of the high-end graphic’s solutions has always been a bitterly fought out arena and currently the Quadro FX3800 has maintained its ground as a high volume turn over card for Nvidia in both retail and within the OEM’s.  A versatile, single slot card which can be found in many different types of systems around the globe in many walks of industry.   Its been a dominating piece of equipment for some time and many end user the like, has much respect for the power and memory density hidden under its hood.    Enter now the Nvidia Quadro® 4000 the proud successor, and our exclusive look into the card and it’s performance.  Scorching straight out the starters gate the NVIDIA Quadro® 4000 sports 2GB of GDDR5 memory and 256 CUDA Cores and might we add at a very affordable price.  

With the aid of some factual information that the Nvidia’s PR department supplied us with, it gives you the reader an idea of what message it being delivered by the company. 

Design, iterate, and deliver in less time
The Quadro 4000 is the first professional graphics solution in its class to integrate high-performance computing with advanced visualization, transforming modern workflows. Delivering up to 5x faster performance, the Quadro 4000 professional graphics solution drives a broad range of design, animation and video applications. With Scalable Geometry Engine™ technology, Quadro 4000 can process up to 890 million triangles per second, enabling professionals to design, iterate and deliver higher quality results in less time¹.

Revolutionary Quadro GPU architecture
Modern applications harness the latest NVIDIA® CUDA™ parallel processing architecture of the Quadro GPU to deliver performance gains up to 8x faster than previous generations when running computationally intensive elements such as ray tracing, video processing and computational fluid dynamics. For mission critical applications, Quadro 4000 features fast 64-bit double precision floating point capabilities to ensure the accuracy of your results. From medical imaging to structural analysis applications, precision is assured without sacrificing performance.

Powering visual supercomputing platform
Quadro 4000 is not only a graphics processor; it drives an entire visual supercomputing platform, incorporating hardware and software that enables advanced capabilities such as stereoscopic 3Dscalable visualization and 3D high-definition broadcasting.

Supercharged professional applications
NVIDIA professional software technologies, from CUDA software to application acceleration engines, combined with Quadro, accelerate applications from companies such as Adobe, Autodesk, Real-time technology TT, Dassault Systemes, Bunkspeed and many more.



¹ Raw throughput number calculated by graphics processing clusters, GPU clock rate, and triangle throughput. 

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