*EXCLUSIVE* Nvidia Quadro® 5000 Conclusions and Award

Everyone from all hardware suppliers today has to be extremely proud of what they have presented and has been witnessed from within. 

When we had been first advised of the cards impending arrival; the brief and a very good one at that, was it would be a high-quality, high performer  and we would have seen nothing like it in a long time.   How right Nvidia has been.   Words we are lost for; as this truly is a huge leap in the professional graphic’s industry with the expertise development that has sprung out of NVIDIA’s door.   Today has to have been one of the most momentous days within NVIDIA’s history both factually and on paper.   This exciting new offering from NVIDIA®  is the most significant technological advancement within the professional graphic card industry for quite some time.    Support from Tier 1 and 2 will be enormous and notwithstanding the support from the S.I.’S and VARS. 

Whilst supporting a beta driver the Quadro® 5000 has leap up through the scales and we have successfully demonstrated the scalability of the card over its predecessor the Quadro® FX4800.   In some areas we see a 50% increase, and with an FSAA increase up to  64X – on certain OEM systems with the cards in SLI mode we can witness a massive 128X FSAA.    These are figures that are beyond belief to the extreme modeller, artist and architect, though what it offers is that of utter flexibility.   But it doesn’t stop here as the compute power that the card has to offer is without a doubt – desirable.   Medical, Oil and Gas, Science and even the Financial houses have so much to gain from this one card and of course not forgetting those other technical professionals demanding nothing but the best out from their workstations. 

Much of this performance improvement is down to the architecture of the new product, some down to the driver team, the unsung heroes that so many forget about.   The results shown within have been extra-ordinary to say the least.     This card most certainly has overtaken its predecessor in many ways, faster memory, the aid of 352 CUDA Cores  – this will help many in complex drawings and rendered outputs.  Life in the professional graphics card market has just shifted up directly into top gear.  Today’s article has only been the tip of the iceberg.   As we have so much more to present to you in the forth coming months.

The results shown within SPECviewperf® 11 have been astonishing indeed.    This new professional benchmark takes no prisoners at all as we have witnessed.   Other powerful professional graphic cards have been ground to a halt – for now.   What is noticeable is the Quadro® 5000 driver stability and across the board performance on both operating system platforms.   It is very obvious even to the untrained eye on how well tuned each run has returned on the individual operating systems that are quite different in so many aspects.   For those who still maintain the usage of SPECviewperf® 10 there has to have been some extreme surprises for you as there was here.    This will be our last outing on SPECviewperf® 10 as the benchmark now has been retired – but what a way to go.  The results under both Windows 7 and XP Professional will have many aghast with awe at the power from the Quadro® 5000.   The results shown speak very clearly for themselves as a picture paints a thousand words; consequently there was absolutely no need for a running commentary of the results gained from each system.   It has been one of those events that we would have wished to have shown more, but the clock ticked hard and fast against us as there is a huge demand to see this excellent new graphics card from NVIDIA.  There is so much it has to offer.  Time really was completely against us and we only had a short few days to complete all from fresh.    What is conclusive; is that the base line tests from SPECviewperf® 11.0 have returned substantial amounts of indisputable results for the Nvidia Quadro® 5000 which is exceptional for a low cost Ultra High End Solution professional card.

Within the brief we had been made aware of several other cards in the new remit.  The Quadro® 4000 and the Quadro® 6000.   The Quadro® 4000 comes weighing in with 2GB of GDDR5 memory and  256 CUDA Cores.   The Quadro® 6000 tips the scales with 6GB of onboard memory and 448 CUDA Cores.  The Quadro® 6000 is a very specialised card indeed and more to follow on it soon.   The Quadro® 4000 slots into the Quadro® FX3800 extremely successful remit.  When we have more details on these cards they will be presented to you as quickly as possible.

Pricing and availability on going to print.  Both Quadro® 4000 and Quadro® 5000 cards will be shipping in the next few days, so with what’s hot off the press will be hot on the resellers plate.   The Quadro® 6000 with a shipping date of beginning of October.   This might seem a bit away, but the demand will be big for this card, therefore as we stipulated earlier, get that pre-order in now.   We anticipate an exceptional high demand from what we have seen, and with this in mind get the orders in very quickly indeed to avoid disappointment.  As the rush will be on.

MSRP of the new range are

Quadro 6000 – $4,999 USD  – £3265 UKP – €3866 Euro’s
Quadro 5000 – $2,249 USD  – £1469 UKP – €1740 Euro’s
Quadro 4000 – $1,199 USD  – £785 UKP – €930 Euro’s

Note – All prices are before shipping and local taxes

For those in concern of their current corporate line up there are currently no plans to stop producing FX4800 and FX5800.  The Quadro® FX 3800 will be replaced by the Quadro® 4000, but the Quadro® FX4800 and Quadro® FX5800 will continue to be sold along with the new line up.  However what has been seen today with the performance output and aggressive pricing, then there should be no hesitation at all in swiftly upgrading to the new Quadro® range.  The time and investment into such a notable key component  has been huge more than anyone will know, but all the analysts alike will be watching very closely to the markets reaction, which will be favourable.  There is so much to gain with so little effort.

We have taken 3 sets of systems encompassed the new NVIDIA Quadro® 5000  that soon will be readily found within all studio’s and workplaces if they are not there already.   The Quadro® 5000 performance shown within, is without a doubt on all the platforms superb, no more can the cry of we need more power and speed.  Well it’s here.  In the interim, those who cannot wait  “the need for speed” is here without a doubt.   “Fast is good and Fast is what we want”, therefore in these scenarios shown within, fast is what you have most certainly got.    This is without doubt the marketers dream come true in every aspect of todays product shown.   Can we get any faster, only time will tell as the software packages from the ISV’s catch-up and true to these words they are indeed.

Final comments and predictions on the way ahead, what has been observed within today has been exceptional and all within NVIDIA’s HQ must be quietly pleased with themselves and we are sure that the champagne corks will be firing out with delight.   Its been some time since a product of this magnitude has hit the streets and for the customers that left, many will come rushing back.   It takes a very  special kind of magic to put all this together.  After all, we have witnessed today  one of the most noble demonstrations of complete raw compute power from just one GPU.

Therefore after many months maintaining the lead, ATI has now lost to NVIDIA® who in turn have regained the illusive Golden Laurel Crown in the Ultra High End place.

Not by strength, by guile.  The futures bright, the futures Quadro.

www.3dprofessor.org award for NVIDIA Quadro® 5000

www.3dprofessor.org award for NVIDIA Quadro® 5000

EDITORS CHOICE – for Ultra High End Professional Workstation Card

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