*EXCLUSIVE* Nvidia Quadro® 5000

Its been a long time in coming but the dawning of time is upon us.  For many months now ATI has done well here taking certain key awards.   Not any longer.   The busy people over at Nvidia have now equalled and bettered ATI’s offering within the Ultra High End Solution section.  

Banging right out the starters gate today we have an exclusive look at new NVIDIA Quadro®  5000 sporting 2.5GB of GDDR5 memory and 352 CUDA Cores.   A heavy weight piece of muscle in it’s own rights.   This ultra high-end, dual slot solution brings the power of high performance professional graphics to an extremely new level; offering support for features never previously found on any of the current ultra-high end professional graphics cards. The NVIDIA Quadro® 5000 gives users the power and features to take their inspiration even further with certified application support for the industry’s top CAD/CAM, 3D Design, and Digital Content Creation software applications.

For substantial time NVIDIA’s Quadro® FX4800 has maintained the wealth as being one of the most popular professional graphic’s cards to be found within the professional market.    Though like most sweet success stories it comes to an end – but one must not despair as the successor to the card the Quadro® 5000 is something very exceptional indeed.   This is an article not for the faint hearted as much is to be covered, though to ensure you are not side streamed easily we displayed the most pertinent results in each sector that most will readily understand very quickly.    With what has been unearthed for todays readers.    This is going to be as controversial as it gets.

Features table of the Nvidia Quadro® 5000; we will for the next several pages we must delve into what exciting important new features the Quadro® 5000 brings to the table as there are many.  Therefore our thanks to Nvidia’s® Public Relations department for the fine technical detail provided that has been provided and will help readers fully understand just what has gone into this completely new momentous architecture.

Introduction.   The NVIDIA® Quadro 5000® represents the next standard in professional graphics. Based on NVIDIA’s new, advanced Fermi architecture, the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in the Quadro 5000 provides unprecedented levels of geometric processing power, enabling professional users to work with more complex datasets than ever before. Today’s professional 3D computer aided design (CAD) and digital content creation (DCC) software push the limits of geometry performance. The Quadro GPU offers breakthrough geometry performance to give workstation users the power to create larger, more complex, datasets while providing the stability and reliability that represent Quadro Graphics.    The Fermi architecture provides the power to take professional workflows beyond traditional 3D graphics by combining the parallel processing power of a workstation class GPU along with high performance graphics functions to allow accurate real-time output. Users can visualize data in new ways, with complex volumetric rendering, professional 3D stereo support, real-time 4D imaging and enough memory to support ultra large datasets.

Quadro 5000 Features


GigaThread Engine™ .      The second generation GigaThread Engine™ drastically improves efficiency, allowing up to 10x faster context switching operations over previous generation GPUs. Increased efficiency using concurrent kernel execution allows applications to achieve higher levels of performance by permitting application functions to access GPU resources simultaneously. Designed to maximize parallel kernel execution, the GigaThread Engine allows multiple tasks to run concurrently. In the case of Quadro, the GigaThread Engine provides dual Copy Engines which allows simultaneous transfer of data into and out of the GPU in addition to either 3D processing or compute. This design creates higher core efficiency and provides maximum data throughput.

Note.   Diagram is not an exact representation of Quadro 5000 GPU.

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