*EXCLUSIVE* Nvidia Quadro® 6000

Its a new day and a new dawn and life in the professional graphic’s market has not only shifted into top gear, but taken a whole new lease of life with the turbo power of the new NVIDIA Quadro®  6000.     The R & D department at Nvidia have now totally surpassed themselves with what we are about to see.  We all thought that the new NVIDIA Quadro®  5000 was something to behold,  this is the icing and cherry on top of the cake.   It does not get any better than this.

Having shown our exclusive demonstration of  the power derived from NVIDIA Quadro®  5000.  We next in turn look at the ultra heavy weight of the new range of cards.   This is the biggest standalone workstation professional graphic’s card to hit the streets and does it bring with it some fortitude.   Scorching out the stable door our exclusive look at new NVIDIA Quadro®  6000 sports 6GB of GDDR5 memory and 448 CUDA Cores.   A heavy weight piece of muscle with a superb pedigree.   This pedigree ultra high-end, dual slot solution brings the power of high performance professional graphics to the ultimate level in professional desktop graphics as a stand alone card; offering support for features never previously found on any of the current ultra-high end professional graphics cards until now. The NVIDIA Quadro® 6000 gives users the power and features to take their inspiration even further with certified application support for the industry’s top CAD/CAM, 3D Design, and Digital Content Creation software applications.

For substantial time NVIDIA’s Quadro® FX5800 has maintained the wealth as being one of the most popular super ultra high-end professional graphic’s cards to be found within the professional market.    Although this card will be maintained in the sales line up with what we have seen and its competitive pricing a success story that will come to an end soon  – but one must not be disappointed as the heir to the card the Quadro® 6000 is something very extraordinary indeed,   A regal piece of superb engineering constructed cleverly around its PCB.   This is an article not for the faint hearted as much is to be covered, though to ensure you do not slip out into the outside track easily we displayed the most pertinent results in each sector that most will readily understand very quickly.    With what has been unearthed for todays readers.    This is going to be as controversial as it gets. 

We have in our in-depth review of the NVIDIA Quadro®  5000 covered substantially all the new features and benefits covering the range substantially.  With this in mind there is no need to reiterate the previous information so we will get down to the nitty gritty of the article.   Though first a few pictures of the mighty NVIDIA Quadro®  6000 card in the flesh

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