Intel’s X58 Chipset with the Core™ i7 CPU Update for SPECapc for 3ds Max™ 2011


3 weeks have whizzed by and the coverage on our article of the new SPECapc for 3ds Max™ 2011 benchmark has been received very well within many communities,  the all important system builders and VAR’s.   The biggest burning question which kept being asked for was that of please can we have some X58 chipset results.   There are many, many companies in the wild who still use this extremely popular configuration as the cost in some areas has come down in both CPU’s and mainboards.  So those looking for a bargain but still wishing to maintain a significant degree of optimal speed can turn the tables until Intel’s next rumoured generation of CPU ‘s and Mainboards hit the streets. 

Notwithstanding, the new generation of mainboards will also be supporting the new PCI Express 3 standard, so for some and for now, it makes a bit of financial sense to tread water, but can you wait for another 6 – 9 months or so before the complete remit hits the streets.   We also have to take into account due consideration of further in house testing to take place, so this could be yet more downtime,  for others it is vitally important to stay ahead of the competition with bleeding edge technology.    Therefore we are at the point do we run with X58 Chipset and the current Intel® Core™ i7 generation, or slip up a gear to Sandybridge.

For many currently it’s a simple answer stick to X58 and the current Intel® Core™ i7 remit.  You have 2 extra threads and a mainboard that has a near 3 year proven track record which is a considerable feat in today’s technology.

Therefore with Intel current X58 Chipset we delve into this new SPEC and ISV driven benchmark to show that the hardware has got the coping mechanism to stand up to the task with the current professional graphic cards from both AMD® and Nvidia®.   We covered in quite some depth the new SPECapc for 3ds Max™ 2011 benchmark with both Sandybridge Xeon platforms (C204 chipset) and the current Tylersburg Xeon (5520 chipset) platforms as these are mainstay system set-ups for many, though for some the questions remained just what do each of the tests actually mean to the individual maintaining usage of the X58 chipset or is currently planning to purchase.  Therefore in a swift recap, the following  tables below should help clear up any further anomalies that some still may have on what the full SPECapc for 3ds Max™ 2011, furthermore give the X58 users an idea of what to expect from the article within.





Many organisations tend to use their own in-house viewsets to test each of the professional graphic cards supplied out by both AMD and Nvidia.  Though with systems becoming far more complicated, the SPECapc committee has sat back with Autodesk to produce a unified benchmark that not only tests the professional graphics card  but the complete system I/O.    The benchmark and submissions are not just aimed at the Tier 1 companies, but to every System Integrators and Value Added Reseller.  This is turn means that when supplying out to companies and end-users utilising the benchmark allows all to finely tune their systems for Autodesk® 3ds Max®

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