Nvidia Professional Graphic Cards on Single Socket Intel Xeon System

Nvidia® Quadro® 4000

Nvidia® Quadro® 5000

Nvidia® Quadro® 6000

Combined Single Socket Xeon Composite Scores

Combined Complete Single Socket Xeon Scores

Once more the sheer brute strength of the Quadro’s came to the fore maintaining what has to be said superb scores on Supermicro’s new X9SCA with the Intel® C204 PCH chipset and 1280 E Series Xeon.   The cards scaled all the way through each specific test just as one would expect.  Surprisingly enough the GPU rendering and GPU shaders on this platform were somewhat faster than upon the Dual Socket Xeon.  This is a good keynote for the end-users that are considering moving over to Sandybridge now that the drivers have been readily addressed here.

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