Nvidia® Professional Stereo Solution

The next item briefly to be covered and an exciting new feature is the Nvidia® Professional Stereo Solution 

Designed to meet the stereo needs of professional stereo applications, NVIDIA® continues our commitment to providing industry leading professional stereo support. Whether displaying stereo data on a single screen or across a multi-screen powerwall display, NVIDIA’s Quadro® workstation 3D stereo support is designed to visualize images or objects in 3-dimensions where critical accuracy is required. While consumer stereo applications are not generally stereo aware, workstation stereo applications are written to provide full support for stereo visuals through use of the OpenGL stereo API functions. As a result, workstation stereo is able to display full Quad-Buffered stereo both full screen and windowed for use within an application viewport (consumer stereo is limited to displaying only full screen stereo). NVIDIA’s workstation stereo is designed to support multi-monitor configurations.

Professional Hardware Features:

Industry Standard 3-Pin Stereo Din Connector: The Quadro® workstation graphics boards use the VESA standard 3-pin stereo din connector to connect a wide range of professional stereo display options. This connector is supported by the leading makers of 3D viewing glasses and 3D displays.

Stereo Flipping Controlled on the GPU: The stereo flipping support is controlled directly by the Quadro® GPU through a combination of GPU logic and workstation drivers.

Windowed Stereo Support: Full support for Quad-Buffered stereo in an OpenGL window, allows for the widest support for professional applications.

3D Vision™ Pro    NVIDIA’s 3D Vision stereo solution is built for designers, engineers and digital artists who want to see and share their work in 3D. From creation to output 3D Vision Pro allows Quadro® graphics boards to support a high quality and robust professional viewing solution.

3D Vision Pro glasses and Radio controller

3D Vision Pro combines 120Hz active shutter glasses, and 120Hz panels and projectors with a highly reliable radio based control. This RF control system allows for greater range and allows a single controller to control multiple pairs of 3D Vision Pro glasses. Additionally, the radio-based controller allows for multi-user environments where users may be using stereo workstations side-by-side without the signals from one system interfering with any nearby stereo workstations, (such environments are unsuitable for consumer IR based emitter solutions).

Integrated Stereo Support:    Unlike consumer stereo solutions which require the installation of an additional stereo driver, Quadro® workstation drivers are built with integrated support for professional stereo, and feature user configurable controls directly within the NVIDIA Control Panel.


With the fundamentals of the Hardware complete we now take a look over the next few pages at the additional  enhancements have been firmly implemented maintaining the Quadro 5000’s extra-ordinary performance

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