NVIDIA® Quadro® 4000 Conclusions and Award

This is a nifty piece of equipment which will catch the market unawares to the performance and power that the Nvidia Quadro® 4000 has to offer.  The predecessor the Nvidia Quadro® FX3800 was one wicked piece of equipment and it gained the Editors Choice hands down in this sector of professional graphics cards.  Offering good value in price and performance, now the Nvidia Quadro® 4000 has swiftly slotted into place taking over the realm.   We foresee many up taking this new card as an immediate upgrade or purchase choice as once more the clever marketing people at Nvidia have pitched the price point very well.

The scores returned within all the professional benchmarks are bang on target at what they should be at.  Therefore within the SPEC APC tests we see good scoring and the SPECviewperf® 11 backing this all up.   Any sort of anomaly would be seen here within these tests straight away.   Therefore it shows that the driver team within Nvidia have most certainly done their job very well indeed.  The new SPECviewperf® 11 is one harsh test that most certainly sorts out the pedigree thoroughbreds from the cobs.

Support from the ISV’s on this new product range has been exceptional and many have adopted the CUDA code within their own software to further enhance their final product.   Uptake from the Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers has been very quick with new Sku’s readily available supporting the new card.

What must not be forgot is the overall additional benefits the Quadro® 4000 has in other areas.   Support for Nvidia’s SDI Capture card which enables multi-stream, uncompressed video to be streamed directly to Quadro SDI-enabled GPU memory.  Finally support for Quadro SDI Output card provides an integrated graphics-to-video solution enabling 2D and 3D effects to be composited in real-time with 2K, HD, and SD video (3G not currently supported).   More information can be found here on Nvidia’s SDI product range.

The system shown here that all the tests have been completed on is fast becoming a vogue unit as many of the Tier 1’s are shipping these systems in substantial volumes.   Intel has done a superb job on this particular CPU  and the raw power from it is something to behold.

Shipping and cost.  The Nvidia Quadro® 4000 is now shipping in quantity from all good resellers, VAR’s and System Integrators are building to request.  Get the orders in fast as the expectations are that this is going to be a hot selling card.  Cost.  Current MRSP is around $1200 USD, £777 UKP, €950 Euro.   A very nice price point considering what the card and its drivers have to offer.

Notwithstanding, we see a professional graphic’s card that has doubled in faster GDDR5 memory, the memory bandwidth has shot up by some additional 35 percent and last but not least we see an additional 58 CUDA processing cores.  With these significant changes it must be remembered that the overall compute power  of the Quadro® 4000 is one almighty noteworthy increase for a High-End performance professional graphic’s card.

Ultimately and to summarise this new range of cards from Nvidia has been an excellent success.  Drivers are maturing quickly and the improvement results are being seen across the board.  Therefore the grand successor,  the Nvidia Quadro®4000 is here to stay bringing with it exceptional technology advancements.

www.3dprofessor.org award for NVIDIA Quadro® 4000

www.3dprofessor.org award for NVIDIA Quadro® 4000

EDITORS CHOICE – for High End Professional Workstation Card

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