Nvidia’s Quadro® 6000

Taking the Scan 3XS SR2 one step further we removed the Nvidia Quadro® 5000 and replaced it with the top of the range mighty Nvidia Quadro® 6000 and ran the SPECapc’ s and SPECviewperf 11.  One question recently being requested is what is the mighty Nvidia Quadro® 6000 OpenCL performance like – pretty mind blowing to say the least as the recent driver release has shown in some areas a 43% to 75% increase in performance.   Hopefully with the results gained and shown within you will be able to fully gauge for yourself how fast is fast.

SPECviewperf® 11.0 64-bit

SPECapc for SolidWorks 2007™

SPECapcSM for Maya 2009

Bentley MicroStation Benchmark

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