Scan 3XS SR-2 workstation

Scan Computers have been a supplier of peripherals of all sorts to the consumer for many years now and have gained great success for their aggressive pricing and deals on the day.  Founded in 1987 by the great entrepreneur Mr. Shelley Raja, Scan maintains its family run business attitude that profits both employee and the customer.  Immediate benefits to be seen is the friendly sales approach within both the customer facing and the important telephone line sales.  Over the last several years the Scan’s main entrance shop floor front has changed dramatically making it a very welcome open front to members of the public who buy on the day.

Like all good companies growing with success they look for niche markets that they can fulfill and have with great success over the past 7 years completed this task successfully supplying specialist system builds into government public sectors, police units and councils.  These systems range from basic desktop units, servers and specialised workstations.   They have an enviable customer list through their dedication to bespoke builds, dedicated support and exceptional customer service.

Scan has achieved a substantial but remarkable success with its professional 3D workstations and whilst we must not forget they also offers many bespoke builds whether multimedia systems or specialised server and render farm arrays.  On a side note these multimedia systems can be something else.   There is a growing demand from customers. This within its own right paints a substantial picture of how well the company are performing in today’s economic climate.  Though like all good S.I.’S they help the customer to forward to the future as todays specialised workstations, servers and render boxes are extremely expensive and down time is ill afforded, therefore this is a good offering to current and future client’s with forethought planning ahead.

With this in mind today we take a look at Scans 3XS SR2 workstation built up and around the now notorious EVGA Classified SR-2 mainboard.  This workstation mainboard is gaining great attraction from many system integrators due to its flexibility, performance and last but not least its overclockability.

We earlier looked into Boston’s BOXX 8550 Xtreme system which was built around the SR-2 mainboard and similarly was overclocked to very high performance levels.  Therefore with Scan’s reviewing system today we expected a system of very high performance quality.

With the aid of the public relations team from Scan we take a look at some of the key notes of today’s system

A large part of the 3XS mindset revolves around the specification of the systems we supply, and specifically how customers have the option to tailor the specification of their System to meet their needs.  Because of this, we have an extensive online configurator where customers may customise a specification to meet their needs which includes CPU, Memory, Drives (and their colours), Screen, Speakers and various other options. They are available on each system at: ) – and of course sales and technical staff are always available via E-Mail (or Scan OLQ), Telephone, or in person to give help and advice in choosing the ideal Hardware and Software.   Using the systems online configurator an end user has the option to upgrade or downgrade the system as they see fit.    Even if a part is not available on the configurator that’s not to say that we can’t use it in the system.    Our sales team are only a phone call or email away.   This shows some of the options an end user will have when they buy/configure their PC online.

Over the page we see a few pictures of the build in the flesh

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