ATI FirePro V9800 Conclusions and Award

From our initial presentation and sneak look we knew just by the visual outputs witnessed that this was to be something very special indeed.    We said in the beginning this is going to be interesting and interesting it has been.  With an MRSP price tag of $3499 USD  it fits the bill perfectly for many in so many areas.  The key to the whole card is the huge multi display output.   But you say what of performance output whilst hooked up to all these monitors.  We have been advised of an approximate 10% drop when fully enabled to all 6 displays.  Though to verify this in a few weeks we will be able to accurately report back as we will be testing the card and the system with a complete suite of monitors.  So watch these spaces very closely.   ATI EyefinityTechnology looks to be one important piece of technology for the forth coming months as more monitor manufacturers are leaping to the fold of what they can also get from this interesting technology.  With the drum persistently beating from ATI of this being the future, and monitor prices dropping, so far the future seems bright in this arena.  Time will tell on its final adoption pathway by the many.

The actual positioning of the new ATI FirePro V9800 is aimed squarely at the most demanding of studio’s and design centre’s that require the ultimate of output’s.  Notwithstanding, this is a card that will have the studio’s, architectural  companies and the other perceptive professionals screaming for the want.  With todays ISV software packages for example Max, Maya and SolidWorks so many commercial plugin’s are now readily available to enhance the packages.  Add into place the combination of the ATI FirePro™ S400 Sync Module offers full hardware synchronization with support for up to 4 GPU’s per module – a possible 24 Synchronized Outputs per PC.   With this comes demands upon the whole system I/O and the professional cards.   In order to met the demands of these packages the hardware and supporting Application Acceleration Tools have to be precise for example  the Stereoscopic/Quad-buffered 3D Rendering Pipeline.    The investment is paying off with tremendous uptakes in many arenas of the professional industry – Medical, Oil and Gas, Science and even the Financial houses have so much to gain and we must note that this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Many more sectors of industry are now leaping onboard adopting the pathways open to them as the compute power behind the card is phenomenal.

The results shown within SPECviewperf® 11 have been very good indeed.    A notable scaling in many areas and it goes to show how much effort has gone into the driver packages in the last few months.  Once more we  took notice indeed of the ATI FirePro V9800 driver stability and across the board performance.   The optimisations are coming into place with maturity and soon we should be seeing higher scores within the SPEC an associated professional benchmarks.  Maya taking the biggest leap on our driver update, once more a picture paints a thousand words.    It is very obvious even to the untrained eye on how well tuned each run has returned on the operating systems that are quite different in so many aspects.    What is consistent is the uptake in results and with final maturity we will be seeing something else.  More to follow on this at a point not to far away.

We previously commented and first advised of the cards impending arrival; the brief covering the card and a very good one at that, was it would be a high-quality, and solid performer.   These facts are backed up and target audiences like the Film and Media industries will be watching  the V9800 rise as it has as we have already covered some very good add on’s to the card.  Notwithstanding new plugin’s for Max and AutoCAD are firmly underway and these will also inflate the cards functionality making it more readily acceptable to these organisations an the end-users.  

The launch of the ATI FirePro V9800 has been a huge leap in ATI’s professional graphic’s expertise development that has bolted out the stable door.    Pleased they should be.   But it doesn’t stop here as the compute power that the card has to offer is without a doubt – magnificent.   Medical, Oil and Gas, Science and even the Financial houses have so much to gain from this one card 
and of course not forgetting those other technical professionals demanding nothing but the best out from their workstations.     The extreme modeller, artist and architect, though what it offers is that of utter flexibility.

Before we proceed any further we have to reflect on how well this system performs.  Supermicro’s X8SAX is an extremely resilient mainboard.  The fundamental basic’s of a solid reliable workstation starts here.   Within our introduction we stipulated “complete and utter stability” there can be no other option when operating professional cards of this magnitude.  Therefore when you are looking to choose your next system think carefully of your options as you cannot go wrong here with this mainboards offering and value for money notwithstanding the backup support Supermicro has to offer.  Therefore the Supermicro X8SAX Mainboard retains it’s status as Editors Choice for ATX Workstation Mainboard.

Much of this performance improvement is down to the architecture of the new product, some down to the driver team, the unsung heroes that so many forget about.   The results shown within have been very good to say the least.     This card most certainly has overtaken its predecessor in many ways, bigger bandwidth, the aid of 1600 Shaders units  – this will help many in complex drawings and rendered outputs.  Life in the professional graphics card market has just shifted up another gear giving end-users more options.

The very so important pricing and availability on going to print.  The ATI FirePro V9800 from the beginning of October should be hitting Resellers, S.I.’s  and VAR’s.   It’s price should be in the region of – $3,499 USD  – £2220 UKP – €2576 Euro’s, before shipping and local taxes.  To reiterate with what’s hot off the press will be flying off the resellers plate.   We do foresee an exceptional high demand from what we have witnessed, and bearing this in mind get the orders in very quickly indeed to avoid disappointment.  As the rush will be on.

This is a significant day within ATI’s record both factually and on paper giving many analysts the confidence they have been wanting.   ATI are tenaciously backing to the fore, a line up of professional cards that has seen immediate adoption from the Tier 1’s and Tier 2 suppliers and notwithstanding the support from the S.I.’S and VARS.

Final comments and predictions on the way ahead, what has been observed within today has been extremely good  and all within ATI’s HQ will be extremely pleased with themselves.   
After all, we have witnessed today a dignified demonstration of complete raw compute and graphical power from just one GPU. award for the ATI FirePro V9800

Editors Recommendation

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