SPECviewperf® 11.0 64-bit and File Transfer Test

PCMark 2005 Advanced

File Transfer Test

We have always shown this type of test to conclude any form of new storage, whether Spindle or SSD and today is no different.  Taking an array of common files constructed from Word, Excel, Access, an Outlook PST file, Photoshop, Max, Maya the list is endless however its what can be found any common workstation today.  Using the Fusion-io drive as the source to back-up these files we therefore find the following results.


Time to Complete

Drive C – 1.12GB file (containing 2137 Files and 279 folders) to Fusion-io Duo Drive (Drive E)

3 Seconds

Drive C – 2.25GB file (containing 4274 Files and 559 folders) to Fusion-io Duo Drive (Drive E)

6.2 Seconds

Drive C – 3.38GB file (containing 6411 Files and 839 folders) to Fusion-io Duo Drive (Drive E)

7.35 Seconds

Drive C – 4.5GB file (containing 8548 Files and 1119 folders) to Fusion-io Duo Drive (Drive E)

10 Seconds

Drive C Windows 7 Backup (67.5GB ISO Image) to Fusion-io Duo (Drive E)

1 Minute
23 Seconds

Fusion-io Duo (Drive E) extraction of a compressed 1.45GB WinRAR 3DS Max file containing 6 Files and 2 folders to Drive C

21 Seconds

Our final process of the file copy test was to see just how long a backed up file on the Fusion-io drive would take to copy within itself.  Therefore in this instance we took a complete section of files, applications and programmes (2315 files within 272 folders) weighing in at 4.88GB on the drive.   Copying this package within the drive took a mere 12 seconds to complete.  Never have we witnessed anything so fast.  To check the data was correct we took the same file and placed it onto one of the fastest 256GB MLC SSD’s on the market and it took 21 seconds to complete the same copy within test.

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