The ATI FirePro™ V8800 System Set-Up and Software Used

Our array of “in house” test systems has now been fully completed as over the forth coming months, many exciting things will be happening here that will have you aghast with awe.  Intel certainly pulled out the stops with these excellent parts which in turn means we can now demonstrate with the newer peripherals coming online like today with the best possible results.  This in turn will demonstrate to you the end user just what to fully expect when you purchase systems or parts of the like we have here in situ.

With the supplied parts on show today these main parts now form part of our “in house” test systems supplied courteously by Intel, Supermicro, Crucial Memory, OCZ, ATI, Western Digital and Akasa; which could be found in most high-end studios and enthusiast workstation scenarios.   These are all very reliable and sound workstation platforms which have plenty of scope for upgrading and importantly – CHOICE, which we have voiced on many occasion. 


Test  System 1

Test  System 2

Test  System 3


Intel® Desktop Mainboard DX58SO (SmackOver)

Intel® Workstation Board X58BP

Supermicro X8DA3


1 X  Intel® Core™ i7-980X Processor Extreme Edition 12MB Shared Cache, 6.4GB/s QPI

1 X 3.33GHz Intel® Xeon® W5590 Nehalem EP®, 8MB Shared Cache, 6.4GB/s QPI

2 X 3.33GHz Intel® Xeon® X5680 Nehalem EP®, 12MB Shared Cache, 6.4GB/s QPI

HSF Coolers

Intel’s Socket 1366 Stock Cooler

1 X Akasa Nero Socket 1366 HSF

2 X Noctua NH-U9DX 1366


3 X 2GB Crucial DDR3 (6GB Total) 1333MHz
Unbuffered Non ECC DIMMS  Memory Modules

3 X 2GB Crucial DDR3 (6GB Total) 1333MHz
Unbuffered ECC DIMMS  Memory Modules

6 X 2GB Crucial DDR3 (12GB Total) 1333MHz
Unbuffered ECC DIMMS  Memory Modules

Hard Drive

1 X 256GB Western Digital SiliconEdge™ Blue™ SSD

1 X 256GB Western Digital SiliconEdge™ Blue™ SSD

1 X 256GB Western Digital SiliconEdge™ Blue™ SSD

PCI Ex Video Card

AMD (ATI) FirePro V8750

AMD (ATI) FirePro V8750

AMD (ATI) FirePro V8750

PCI Ex Video Card

AMD (ATI) FirePro V8800

AMD (ATI) FirePro V8800

AMD (ATI) FirePro V8800

Hardware Suppliers for the Review

Intel EU for the supply of the 3.33GHz Intel® Xeon® W5590’s & X5690 Nehalem EP® CPU’s, the X58BP and DX58SO
mainboards shown within the Test Systems 1 & 2.  

Supermicro for the supply of the X8DA3 shown within the Test System 3
Crucial Memory  for the DDR3 1333MHz Unbuffered ECC Memory, thank you for pulling out the stops here.
ATI for the supply of the FirePro V8750 and FirePro V8800 professional graphics cards.  
Akasa and Noctua for the supply of the Heatsink Fans critical to the high end Xeon systems

Western Digital for the supply of the new 256GB SiliconEdge Blue SSD.

With the support and help of all the companies involved.   It gives you the reader a new choice on upgrade paths that
many of you look for here with the performance ratio’s the system has to provide and notwithstanding the
professional graphic cards from ATI. 

Systems Integrators, OEM’s and VAR’s should contact all companies directly for pricing and availability of all components.   Members of the public should contact their respective suppliers requesting the parts directly.

Benchmarks and Software 64-bit Mode

To maintain our target audience within the professional market place, though we are now seeing many old readers coming back who like the style we produce; we opted for this outing a complete set of professional applications benchmarks.   This in turn means all walks of life have a very good idea what they are about to buy and just how fast it really is from this factual article.  The test system’s shown within are all readily found within many arena’s, therefore those just wishing the simple upgrade of either the new Intel 3.33GHz Westmere Xeons or the  brand new ATI FirePro V8800 they can see readily how much performance gain has been achieved.  For a more factual in depth look at the actual performance uptake in the professional graphics cards we placed the current king of the Ultra High End Professional Workstation Card the ATI FirePro V8750 against the new young contender the ATI FirePro V8800.    Will the claims be as good as we have heard.  Time will tell from within.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional 64-bit SP2
Sandra 2010
POV Ray 3.7 beta 35
Cinebench 10 64-Bit
Cinebench 11.5 64-bit (New)
SPECapc for SolidWorks 2007™
SPECviewperf® 10.0 64-bit.   Tests ran at 1280 X 1024 Resolution.

Each set of tests has been applied on the clean system hard drives shown above to ensure that no residue drivers were left installed with all updates/patches applied.   A test/render has been completed many times over different periods of the system uptime.   Maintaining the fair play rules of SPEC® we did not manipulate any of these mainboards functionality and left them all at their default settings in which it was supplied.   Tests have been conducted at 1280 X 1024 @ 60Hz in 32 bit colour.   Results that have been shown within this article are from the application/benchmarks first run in accordance with the SPECviewperf® and SPECapc fair play rules.  Not an average of 3 runs as some places seem to think is right. 

Professional graphic card results have been split up into three sections:   Gulftown,  Single Socket Xeon and finally
Dual Socket Xeon results

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