The WD Caviar Green 3 TB Hard Drive Conclusions and Award

3TB of storage, it beggars belief that in just over 2 years we have seen such huge advancements and goes to show just how much R & D is going on within the cloisters of Western Digital’s HQ.  If only just….we could….

It has to be said that this drive has surpassed its predecessor with exceptional  flying colours.   The results shown above paint a picture that saves a thousand words.  These alone stipulate on how fast the drive is, we do not require comparisons.   However to jog those grey cells into gear, if we take the 2TB Caviar Green results only shown last year using Sandra 2009 within the File System test we saw 88.2MB/s v todays 145.36 MB/s on the 3TB Caviar Green and within the Physical Disc test 83.08MB/s v todays 102.49MB/s on the 3TB Caviar Green.   A substantial leap forward as we stated.  We also must remember that this is the Caviar Green, therefore behind the scenes the final tweaking of the Blue, Black and Enterprise versions, goodness knows how much improvements will be seen.  Though one can only presume that they will be fast.

Already many OEMS S.I.’s VAR’s will be looking at their storage boxes both external and rackmounts for data centres and the like.  Costs within these enterprise arenas are rising steeply and this is one area many will be looking to cut back upon but at the same time increasing their storage capabilities.  With the reduction in power with much larger storage capacities and faster read/writes this is an attractive spindle disc backed by Western Digitals standard warranty.    Taking to the extreme a possible realistic example.   Supermicro’s SuperChassis 847E26-RJBOD1 has a possible maximum 45 x 3.5″ hot-swap drives density  (24 at the front and 21 within the rear) in one unit imagine 135 Terabytes of a possible storage solution.  Seriously thinking now?

What of the SoHo users, many must be thinking WHOW.  Just how much can be stored upon this.  From the official PR they say in the region of up to 600,000 digital photo’s or, 750,000 MP3 songs or, 230 Hours of Digital Video or, 360 hours of HD Video.   That’s a whole load of movie and MP3 storage.   Suddenly the digital broadcast and surveillance individuals are now paying great attention.  

Availability and cost.  On going to print these exceptional bits of monstrous drives should be hitting all good e-tailers and suppliers.    There is an expectancy of a high demand and understandably so as not only large in capacity but very fast as we have already seen.  Cost.  Now here is the interesting part.  MRSP for the Western Digital Caviar Green 2.5 TB hard drive is £155.00 and the  3 Terabyte  hard drive swings in at £195.00 (all prices before shipping and taxes).    However on a swift look about we have seen the Western Digital Caviar Green 3 Terabyte  variant at £189.05p before shipping.  Therefore at this capacity – a bargain to be had.

Western Digital have once more set the gold standard on the future of mass spindle disc storage, but what of Seagate and their expected 3 Terabyte disc.  Still missing in action and rumours surrounding Seagate just now have us all wondering – what next, will there be a truly open real rival to Western Digital.    

Overall this has been an interesting piece and we have been amazed at just how swift the new Caviar 3TB spindle drive has performed. award for Western Digitals Caviar Green 3TB Hard Drive award for Western Digitals Caviar Green 3TB Hard Drive

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