WD Sentinel Pictures

Sentinel DX4000 Small Office Storage Server

The large box that arrives has the Sentinel securely packaged to prevent any form of potential transit damage.  A lot of thought has gone into this.   Cumbersome yes, but it certainly does the job in protecting this expensive piece of equipment.   One can see from an instant glance which unit has been supplied from the front labelling.   On opening the box we have another box at the top that houses the Instruction manual, power supply and Ethernet Cable. 

Delving further into the box and protected by a huge amount of packaging foam is the actual Sentinel NAS Box.   Once out you are taken aback by the actual final size of the Sentinel NAS Box it not as big as you think – actually more along the lines of a bigger variant of the  “Western Digital MY BOOK”.   Pop open the front door and you are greeted with the 4 drive bays that house the large capacity Enterprise RE4 GP drives. 

Gaining further access into the Sentinel flip open the bay and we can see the direct interface backplane that supports the hard drives.  Guide rails on either side and right at the bottom the SATA backplane interface.   Popping off the actual side panels we gain a further view of the SATA backplane interface and the guide rails.  A very robust build indeed.

Final set of pictures above show the actual rear of the unit and the supplied ports very clearly spaced apart, and of course the large extraction fan.   The last picture shows the rear of the PCB board that supports the memory and Atom 1.8 GHz Dual-Core CPU. 

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